Dyno Tuning & Rental Services

Dyno tuning and rental is at the core of Definitive Tuning and where it all started for us!  Originally as a dedicated dyno facility, we take pride in utilizing the best equipment in the industry from our Dynapack AWD hub dynamometer to our massive 50,000 CFM 60" diameter fan and arsenal of tuning and diagnostic tools.  Our new facility now houses a fully enclosed dyno cell that features, noise control industrial panels, fresh air ventilation and calculated 10x per minute air exchange!  You can rest assured your high powered pride and joy is in good hands with Definitive Tuning!

We are authorized Pro-tuners for Hondata, Uprev, Cobb Porsche, GTR, BMW, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ford and VW.  Naturally, we are proficient in countless other vehicle platforms and tuning systems including ECUtek, MoTec, AEM, Haltech, Power FC and many more!  From unmodified to highly modified turbo and naturally aspirated dedicated competition race cars, we've done it all.

As well, our friendly dyno rental services are completely "down to earth".  We love to help fellow car enthusiasts, race teams and performance shops explore power testing, product development and/or self tuning!  Unlike other shops, we are very open to providing any support when needed including technical and common late night race preparations.  Contact us for all your dyno needs and as always we will get the job done right!

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