Direct Injection engines are among the most innovative designs that greatly enhances vehicle efficiency, power and reliability.  However, as with some good things they also have drawbacks.  Because fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber, the intake ports and valves experience carbon build up with no inherent way to keep them clean.  Traditional engines inject fuel into intake ports where fuel travels through the ports, past the valves and into the combustion chamber.  This fuel flow provides a cleaning effect through the ports where direct injection engines do not.

However, as a performance service centre, we naturally provide intake valve cleaning service to bring back the performance of your direct injection engine!  Generally, walnut blasting service is recommended every 60,000 kms under normal driving conditions.  However, some common symptoms that indicates required service includes poor idle, hesitation, poor fuel economy and/or overall loss in engine power. 

In fact, intake valve cleaning is one of the best "bang for the buck" power adders (technically refresher) for most high mileage direct injection vehicles!  Our dyno testing before and after this service showed up to 24awhp / 18awtq power improvements on an unmodified E90 335xi N54 direct injection engine!  We currently provide this service for BMW, Lexus/Toyota and Mazda direct injection engines.

Intake valve cleaning service (walnut blasting) $559.99 +HST (includes all gaskets and labour).
Performance Maintenance Package$649.99  +HST (includes oil change w/ Motul 8100 Engine Oil & OEM Oil Filter)

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