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Intake Valve Cleaning (aka Walnut Blasting)

Engine Builds & Repairs

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Routine Maintenance


As you can expect, high performance vehicles require more detailed attention and highly modified vehicles even more!  Naturally, more complex or unique problems can arise that may never be seen on OEM spec cars.  However, Definitive Tuning caters specifically to performance cars and are well equipped with the tools and experience to diagnose and repair problems that OEM dealerships would struggle to resolve.  How can we say this?  Because dealerships send us cars to fix! 

In addition to complex problem diagnosis and repair, we take pride in maintaining high performance vehicles and many of our customer's regular "daily drivers".  All vehicles require regular maintenance service to ensure longevity and optimal performance between power and fuel economy.  

As a performance oriented business, we also provide walnut blasting service for cleaning intake ports of direct injection vehicles.  A service that not all shops perform but that all direct injection vehicles certainly benefit from.  Take a look at our technical article on an E90 BMW N54 to see just how significant an improvement can be made from this service.  Truly the best "bang for the buck" performance improvement!