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Engine Building Clean Room (work in progress)

Welcome to our new home as of Sept 10th 2018!

Our dyno cell, full size service bays, dedicated engine building room and reception space are for the most part fully operational.  Fabrication spaces dedicated to welding, machining and carbon fiber are functional but still "under construction".  We're planning to have the facility fully renovated with all areas operational by 2018 year end.  With big space comes big reno so please be patient as we piece the place together.  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for up to date information!

Dyno Cell (our pride & joy!)
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Inside Dyno Cell
Full Size Service Bays Including Tire Changer & Balancer
Outside Main Entrance
Fabrication Work Space (work in progress)
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Outside Dyno Cell (just need fresh air duct & some fresh paint)
Carbon Fiber Clean Space (work in progress)
Reception Room (still needs work!)
Storage & Staging Area for "Build to Order Cars"
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