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 BMW N54/N55




As our customers, your vehicles are not likely the same as when they left the factory!  Modifying cars to improve all around performance is at the heart of Definitive Tuning.  We are often asked about long term reliability when modifying cars and although the degree of reliability is directly related to specific modifications and vehicle applications, the common denominator is how well you maintain your car! 

Naturally unlike your local dealership or repair shop, we are accustomed to modified cars and the added complications for diagnosis, repair and service.  As such, we have put together our own “Performance Service Packages” for some of the popular vehicles we take pride in modifying and tuning.  Our packages are vehicle specific, conveniently designed for both street and/or track applications with competitive pricing!

Click on the links below for more details of our current Performance Packages and as always, let us know if you have any questions! 

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