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   Subaru STI/WRX/LGT Street Performance Service Package

  Services Included:

 • Road test to verify overall driving performance
 • Replace engine & drivetrain fluids (engine, transmission, front & rear differentials)
 • Inspect tire wear & set tire pressures
 • Inspect suspension components & brake system
 • Inspect spark plugs and assess general engine condition
 • Inspect engine coolant, brake fluid and power steering conditions & levels
 • Inspect exhaust system, drive belts, air & cabin filters & exterior lighting systems

  • ​Rotate tires

  Parts Included:
  • OEM Oil Filter & Drain Plug

  • Motul Racing Lubricants (8100 XCESS 5W40, 90PA Gear Oil, Motylgear 75W90)
  • Blue Chem Fuel Cleaner
  Package Price $392.99 +HST  (Note Standard Price $550.44 +HST)


  Track Performance Service Package (in addition to street performance service)

  Additional Services:

 • Nut & bolt check of critical components (suspension, brakes, exhaust etc)
 • Replace engine coolant & brake fluid
 • Perform boost system leak test

  • ​Install track tires

  Additional Parts Included:
  • Motul RBF600 high temp brake fluid
  • Engine coolant

  Package Price $559.99 +HST  (Note Standard Price $837.15 +HST)

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