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Most everyone is familiar with "roller dyno" set-up of driving the car onto big metal/aluminum rollers and strapping the car down.  However, hub dyno set-up is naturally very different.  In some ways it's easier and others more labour intensive but in the end there is no comparison to the accuracy and safety our Dynapack hub dyno has over all others.  Note however, if you have specialty lug nuts or wheel locks, be sure to bring your socket &/or lock nut key!


Unlike your traditional "roller" dyno, there is no risk of "coming off the dyno" as the vehicle is essentially bolted to the dyno.  Wheels are removed from the vehicle and replaced with robust adapters that are then mated to hydraulically controlled "pods".  As such, once mounted, the vehicle rests on it's own weight and remains stationary while locked into the pods.

Other Advantages Include:
- safe operation of vehicle
- precision, control & load holding for tuning driveability
- accuracy & repeatability of tq/hp measurements
- power measured at hub eliminating variations associated with wheel & tire sizes or compounds
- QUIET operation allowing driveline, engine noise &/or nvh diagnostics
- no tire damage from running on knurled rollers

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